BANGALORE: Debit and credit cards are among the most frequently used articles from our daily lives. However, misplacing the same could give you sleepless nights. However, don’t panic if you have lost that much-handy card.

To begin with, make sure to store the credit card 24-hour helpline number on your mobile phone. The moment you realize you have lost your card, call up the helpline number. In case you don’t have the number, call JustDial at 23333333 and ask for the same. If you happen to be abroad, use VISA/MasterCard Global helpline numbers to report the loss.

According to rulebook…

As per rules of credit card companies, the loss should be reported within 24 hours. The sooner you inform, the safer it’s for you. Companies won’t be able to help if fraudulent transactions are made before you alerted the helpline. Once the loss is reported, the onus of any fraudulent transaction will lie with the company.

Note details

Also, note down call details such as call timing, the executive handling the call and call duration.

Also, make it a practice to keep credit/debit card details such as card number, expiry date and type of card in a place other than where the cards are kept. If you don’t have the same, ask the executive to help you with the required details.

File and FIR

Report to the nearest police station and lodge a first information report (FIR). The credit card company will ask for an FIR along with a letter stating the loss of the card, requesting blocking of the old card and seeking a replacement card. In the letter, you have to provide details such as card number, time and day when the card went missing, time you reported the loss to the helpline and contact details.

Insurace cover option

You can have an insurance cover against loss of credit card. Several card issuers offer the facility, particularly on cards that have a higher credit limit. Find out from your bank customer care if you can get a cover. However, there are clause in the insurance policy detailing that fraudulent transactions incurred before the loss was informed to the bank won’t be compensated by way of insurance cover.