Samsung Nexus S is being equipped with the most advanced features. Because of its technical features many companies such O2, Orange and Vodafone has already drawn mobile phone deals with it. Samsung has shaken the mobile market by releasing the handset with Android Technology. The Android-powered phone had definitely drawn great deals with O2. The latest version of Android has been placed inside the phone that is version 2.3. The code-name for this version is “gingerbread.” A variety of change is possible because of “gingerbread” as it brings a brief orange glow at the top or bottom of the screen of mobile when you scroll the screen. Thus showing that the phone is running.

O2 Samsung Nexus S comes at the most affordable deal. Some of the features of this phone is completely new in the market. No other phone has these features. It seems that O2 Samsung Nexus S will stand out with best deals because of its multi-features. The multimedia features will give the phone a remarkable place in the market. With this phone you can copy and paste matter from the phone. This is completely a new feature only on O2 Samsung Nexus S. It has opened a near-field of communication. This phone has a scanner for detecting and reading computer chips. With this feature you can tab a cinema and it can help to browse the Internet to finds clips of that picture.

To avail this multi-featured phone you should take Orange Samsung Nexus S deals. As these deals have been created with the best talk minutes and SMS facilities along with browsing minutes which will come at a very cheap rate. Orange Samsung Nexus S has made sure that people enjoy a good communication device which can challenge a palm top as well as a hi-end computer.