Apple users are the most satisfied with customer service pertaining to their mobile phones, although some of the company’s competitors are catching up, according to a recent study.

Vocalabs recently released its research after monitoring customer service satisfaction among mobile phone users during the second half of 2010. These results were compared to the firm’s similar study conducted in the first half of last year, finding that Apple retained its lead in customer service, with 66 percent of Apple users reporting they were “very satisfied” with their phone call with Apple’s customer service representatives. HP’s 51 percent and Dell’s 49 percent of “very satisfied” customers followed.

However, Apple’s lead diminished during the second half of the year. The research measured a “nuisance factor” among these companies, composed of the three most common customer service issues, interactive voice response issues, irrelevant or repetitive steps and difficulty reaching a company representative.

In this area, the number of Apple customers subjected to a “nuisance factor” jumped from 21 percent in the first half of 2010 to 35 percent in the second half. Dell, meanwhile, reduced its nuisance factor by 9 percent during the same period, from 55 percent to 46 percent.

Apple’s customer service successes may contribute to its customers’ brand loyalty, as 84 percent of respondents said they would purchase another Apple mobile device, according to the report.

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