Emergency services tracked her mobile phone

9:00am Sunday 30th January 2011

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A MOTORIST who suffered memory loss when her car crashed 15 feet down a ditch has paid tribute to police who rescued her by pinpointing her mobile phone.

Lara Williams, 39, hit her head on the steering wheel and was trapped semi-conscious after losing control of her car late at night on the A429 near Northleach last September.

The mother-of-two did not know where she was and had severe multiple injuries, but managed to stay calm and phoned Gloucestershire Police.

A member of the control room staff, Will East took her call and spoke to her for more than 40 minutes, as officers struggled to find her in the dark.

They got her “cell site location” down to 4km circle using phone masts in the area. The rescue team then worked their way towards her, shouting her name. They found her in a tree-covered ditch.

Ms Williams, an NHS secretary from Tredworth, Gloucester, cannot remember how she came to be there, or where she was going.

She had banged her head on the steering wheel, suffered a broken hip, a fractured vertebrae and a broken shoulder. A tree branch had thrust through the broken windscreen into her head, causing a deep cut.

Lara was in Cheltenham General Hospital for six weeks hopes to return to work soon.

Paying tribute to her rescuers, Ms Williams said: “I feel humbled to know just how epic the scale of the rescue was – and all for me.

Will East said: “I knew it was very important to keep Lara talking to me because it was essential to locate her as soon as possible.

“For Lara to say that she doesn’t think she would be here now if it wasn’t for me, makes me feel very proud.”

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