Scottish police forces are stepping up attempts to catch motorists using their mobile phone while driving.

A day of action campaign, in conjunction with The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos), began just after midnight and will continue throughout the day.

Increased patrols will be on the look-out for motorists breaking the law and will be active in enforcing legislation in order to “ensure that the message gets through to motorists”.

One of the forces taking part, Strathclyde Police, caught 118 motorists using mobile phones during last year’s day of action on June 21.

Chief Inspector Stewart Carle, area commander of Strathclyde Police’s road policing department, said: “Statistics from last year show that motorists continue to disregard the law despite increased publicity alerting the public to the dangers and consequences of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

“You are four times more likely to crash if you use your phone whilst driving, whether using hand-held or hands-free.

“Using a mobile phone whilst driving has been found to be just as dangerous as drink-driving.

“I urge drivers not to compromise their own safety or the safety of other road users by being distracted by their phone – let the answering service take the call whilst full attention is given to the road ahead.”

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