A Columbus woman paid her insurance deductable and was given a loaner cell phone as she waited for her replacement smartphone from a Polaris-area T-Mobile store.

It wasn’t long before she found some disturbing photos and text messages.

“It was about the second day. I noticed I had text messages. I scrolled down, checking them out, and I found these sex text messages. I was highly offended,” the woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

That wasn’t all.

At least two of the messages asked a female to take photos of her body.

One of the texts said, “Your body belongs to me.”

In reply, there were two close-ups of the female’s genitals, one photo of her pierced navel and one photo of her face, according to the woman with the loaner.

She told NBC4 she was disgusted about where she speculates the phone might have been.

“Up against my face — as anyone would — and apparently the woman was using it to photograph herself. That does not make me feel too good,” she said.

She said she also did not feel too good about the response she got when she called the T-Mobile store where she got the phone.

“He wanted me to give him the last four digits of my Social Security number, and I’m not doing it. That number was meant for tax-identification purposes, and I’m not giving it out anymore,” she said.

She said he told her without the number, her account could not be discussed. She said goodbye and hung up.

The woman said she feels insulted and assaulted and plans to file a police report as well as a BBB complaint.

She told NBC4 she was shocked at what she found out when she talked to a local representative of the Public Utilities Commission.

“I was surprised to find out that cell phone companies are the only ones that have no regulation. I want that to change. Someone should be held accountable,” she said.

NBC4 received a response from T-Mobile, apologizing for the incident:

“When T-Mobile provides loaner devices to customers waiting for a permanent replacement, we have procedures and policies designed to ensure that the customer is not subjected to objectionable or other information that may have been placed on the phone by a previous user.

“We are investigating this incident with urgency to determine what went wrong, and to try to ensure the issue is not repeated. We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience or concern this incident has caused our customer, and we have contacted her directly to address that issue.”

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