Today, Cox Communications flipped the switch on its wireless phone and mobile broadband service throughout Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Cox, the nation’s third-largest cable operator, initially said its “Unbelievably Fair” wireless service was coming to the two cities in Oklahoma in February but didn’t provide a specific launch date.

After some delays, Cox first launched its wireless service in Hampton Roads, Va., Omaha, Neb., and Orange County, Calif., in November of last year.

Cox also said today that it would have its Cox Wireless service in 50 percent of its footprint by year’s end, which marked the first time the company provided specific information on its nationwide rollout plan.

Cox said the New England market, which includes Rhode Island and Cox communities in Connecticut and Cleveland, Ohio, would launch “soon,” which was previously reported by CED.

“We are very excited to bring Cox’s fair approach to wireless to consumers in Oklahoma,” said Len Barlik, Cox’s executive vice president of product development and management . “We are introducing new services and features to the Cox bundle that were built on fairness – and our customers are telling us they like it. We plan to bring the same value from bundling services, Unbelievably Fair plans, and easy-to-use products and services to more Cox customers this year.”

Like the first three rollouts, Cox is using Sprint’s 3G CDMA EVDO Rev A network to provision its service in Oklahoma.

Cox’s Unbelievably Fair service includes “MoneyBack Minutes” that give customers credit for unused minutes on that month’s billing cycle. Customers could receive up to $20 a month with MoneyBack Minutes.

Cox said today that MoneyBack Minutes has received “a very enthusiastic response from customers of other providers who would lose unused minutes or carry them over month-to-month with no monetary benefit.”

As part of its overall strategy, Cox has opened nine Cox Solution retail stores in its Oklahoma market. Along with its wireless service, Cox is offering bundled options with its traditional triple-play services, and its customers can see how the products and services are integrated through demos at the store, as well as check out Cox’s lineup of devices.

The Cox Wireless service in Oklahoma features the same Android and Brew devices as the previous launches.