Nowadays the options are endless when it comes to mobile phones. There are millions of different smart phones all offering the coolest apps or the most cutting-edge technology. While it seems like everyone either has an iPhone, Droid or Blackberry, there is a new operating system on the scene that will bring some fierce competition to the market.

Windows has updated its operating system to the new Windows Phone 7, which was launched in Australia in October 2010. This mobile OS is up-to-date on the latest technology and will bring some tough competition to existing operating systems such as the iOS and Android.

Windows Phone 7 offers many great features such as a customized and constantly updated Start screen, Internet Explorer Mobile, people hub and game hub, which features Xbox LIVE.

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Recently Nokia announced that it will be putting Windows Phone 7 in all its future smart phones. This partnership could mean big things for both Nokia and Windows Phone 7. According to the IDC forecast for the smart phone market, it is predicted that in 2015 Windows Phone 7 will be the second most popular mobile OS in the world, behind Android.

Also, it looks like the ever-popular iPhone might have lost its luster. According to recent market share data, Apple’s iOS has reached a plateau and popularity might remain stagnant.

With the every-changing market it is hard to predict who will really be the industry leader. Who knows, Steve Jobs may surprise us all and come out with a new iOS feature putting Apple back on top. But as of now, it looks like Android and Windows Phone 7 will soon be the top-dogs in the industry.