TransACT has secured the right to provide mobile solutions in the Whole-of-Government (WoG) mobile services panel. It joins Telstra, Optus and Teledesign Australia on the panel.

Federal government agencies can approach TransACT on requirements surrounding mobile voice and data facilities, mobile handsets, mobile broadband modems and accessories along with associated services.

The company was recently appointed to the Australian government’s Telecommunications Commodities, Carriage and Associated services panel, which is managed by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO).

“Our appointment to the panel demonstrates the confidence that the federal government has in TransACT to provide a wide range of reliable mobile phone solutions,” TransACT CEO, Ivan Slavich, said in statement.

“TransACT has experienced a surge in demand for our mobile services in the last year, with our mobile customer base building more than 20 per cent. We continue to invest in our mobile business to ensure innovative service delivery.”

TransACT currently supplies a range of telecommunications services to more than 50 Federal and state government agencies.