Mobile Phones Causes Harm to Human Brain ActivitySince the increase of mobile phone use, health issues have always been associated with it. The effect of mobile phones on human body was a matter of concern. A recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in the US has claimed that mobile phones could pose a threat on the activity of human brain.

The reason of link between the two is not clear yet, but researchers have told that after talking on phone for nearly an hour, the activity of brain significantly increases. The researchers conducted a study on 47 individuals to see the effects of magnetic fields coming from a phone’s antenna. The study has reported a 7% rise in glucose use in the parts of brain which were close to the antenna of the phone.

Researchers found that human brain is sensitive to the effects of the magnetic field of the phone’s antenna. They found that the brain activity was affected after the use of mobile phones but could not reach on any conclusions related to the health threats it may pose.

Researchers concluded that more study is needed to set up a clear link between the high sugar use in brain and health risks it may pose.